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Once upon a time, in the charming land of Far Far Away, there lived a quirky and adorable donkey named Donke. Donke was known for his unwavering loyalty to his dear friend, Shrek, and his insatiable curiosity for new adventures.
One day, while Donke was wandering through the mystical forest, he came across a magical portal that transported him to the world of cryptocurrencies. Fascinated by this newfound realm, Donke discovered a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts eager to explore the potential of blockchain technology.

Contract: 0xcf22aa4...10078ceb506b


About Us

Donke is no ordinary memecoin: we are an attractive breed apart. Donke with his charisma and humor has arrived to become the biggest meme in the world, our goal is to prove that the world of memecoins can be fun and innovative and very profitable, our game will be hilarious and very profitable designed to combine fun and extra income to our faithful investors. Donke is the crossroads where adorable whimsy meets blockchain technology. The project celebrates the infectious spirit of memes while harnessing the power of games and nfts, creating a community that is as fun as it is lucrative, don't lose sight of donke




Will have an unmissable collection of nfts that will have special advantages and passive income opportunities for NFT owners

iconDonke Game

will have an irresistible game every holder can try Monopoly in the universe of Shrek defeat your opponents and receive prizes and generate more passive income in the universe donkefi


Embraces the playful spirit of Doge, adding an element of fun to the often serious world of cryptocurrency


Donke's tokenomics, with a grand total of 5 billion tokens, is smartly constructed to fuel our ecosystem. The Marketing and Development Wallets hold 2% and 4% respectively, driving branding and technical advancements. We will reserve marketing strategies for our NFT farm pool.

Pink Sale holds 40%, boosting community engagement and initial fundraising. To ensure fluid transactions, 20% is dedicated to PancakeSwap liquidity.

We've designated 34% for regular burns to maintain token value and control inflation. Overall, Donke's tokenomics signifies our dedication to a thriving, balanced, and profitable ecosystem.

Our token will have a fee of 9% for purchases and 9% for sales, Please note that unsold tokens will be burned.



Frequently Asked

What is Donke MemeCoin?

Investors become part of a contagious and inclusive community that shares a love of the donke meme and enthusiasm for cryptocurrency innovation, as well as receiving usdt as a reward for their support and dedication to the donke

How Donke MemeCoin supports its investors.

Donke believes that on the road to success you need a family by your side and has decided to repay all the support and dedication of its community with usdt rewards for donke investors. Your loyalty to your investors is very important to donke on this journey

How can I become a part of the Donke community?

Becoming a part of our community is simple! You can start by purchasing our coins during the sale phases and engaging with us on our various social media platforms. You can also participate in our unique NFT marketplace and enjoy the benefits of our staking program. Welcome aboard!